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Mini-Rumination: Montana Republicans Caught With Their Ethical Pants Down

Montana Republicans are eager to reclaim the Senate seat the Democrats won from them six years ago and their strategy is to do everything they can to link the incumbent, Jon Tester, to President Obama, who’s not very popular out in the land where they don’t need no stinking federal government.  It’s a good strategy:  if The Curmudgeon was running the Republican campaign, it’s exactly what he’d do.

So one of the things the Republicans did was to run an ad showing a picture of Tester and Obama in mid-embrace.  If that doesn’t show that they’re close, nothing will, right?

Only the photo is bogus.

Take a look at the photo.  See Tester’s left hand?  Count the fingers:  one-two-three-four-five.

The problem is, Tester only has two fingers on his left hand.  He lost the other three in a family farm accident, and as a result, he has only a thumb and a pinkie.

The Montana Republicans obviously doctored the photo.

There’s nothing wrong or immoral or unfair about attempting to win an election by linking your opponent to an unpopular President – but there IS something wrong with doctoring photos to do it.  There have to be literally a thousand ways to show the ties between the incumbent and the President, and there’s no reason – no justification and no possible explanation – for why Montana Republicans felt they had to doctor a photo to make their point.  It’s wrong, it’s immoral, it’s dishonest, and it’s a betrayal of the millions of good, honest Republicans out there.  If this deplorable tactic is indicative of what Montana Republicans are made of, it’s probably a good argument for voters to reject both their strategy and their candidate.