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So Much for Doing the Right Thing

In Massachusetts, a young woman who was captain of her high school volleyball team was out eating yogurt with her friends one night when she received a call from another friend who was at a party and too drunk to drive.  “Can you give me a ride home?” the girl asked.

So the captain came to get her, but by the time she arrived the police were already there.  Later, when the captain was summoned to court, one of the police officers who had been on the scene vouched for her sobriety, according to the Boston Herald.

So what does the captain’s school do?  It suspends her from the team for five games and strips her of her captaincy.

The school’s logic – or what passes for logic among the intellectually defective – is that the captain was suspended for “involvement in an underage drinking party.”

Only the captain didn’t attend the party.  She was only there because her friend called her and asked for a ride because even though she was drunk, she still knew better than to drive.

And that, readers, is what a girl gets for doing the right thing.  (Incidentally, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the know-it-all organization, proved the accuracy of its acronym by supporting the school’s disciplinary action, ESPN.com reports.)

Maybe the school was hoping that the teachable moment would be the drunk girl getting in her car and killing herself.  Or killing a few people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drunk driver was on the road.

Or maybe the people from the school are just plain stupid.