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Mini-Rumination: Fat Jokes at Christie’s Expense on MSN.com?

Yesterday – but apparently just for a few minutes – msn.com offered an account of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s displeasure with gazillionaire Warren Buffett.  The source of Christie’s pique was Buffett’s oft-repeated contention that wealthier Americans are undertaxed and can afford to pay more.

Christie, of course, dislikes damn near everyone, so Buffett should wear Christie’s disdain like a badge of honor.

But what makes the msn.com piece so interesting was the original headline:

NJ guv:  Buffet should pay up

Of course, “Buffet” is a misspelling, and in the two minutes it took The Curmudgeon to check out the headline after a reader informed him about it, msn.com had already corrected it.

But was it really a typo?  Or was it a headline writer offering a sly but obvious commentary about Christie, easily deniable as an honest mistake, and taking advantage of the play on words laid so perfectly at his (or her) feet?

Because we all know that while Christie may dislike Buffett, he certainly likes buffet.

Oh, what a difference a “t” makes.