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The Disease of the Week

“Is that really a thing?”

You hear it all the time when someone describes a medical problem you’ve never heard of – and one you don’t really buy for one minute as a legitimate medical problem.

Werewolf syndrome?

Sleeping Beauty syndrome?

Alien hand syndrome?

These are all real things – at least someone says they are.

Someone probably with too much time on his hands.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently introduced its readers to a new one in an article titled

5 questions: Does your child have nature-deficit disorder?


The article begins

Can your child identify a cardinal? A holly tree? Queen Anne’s lace?

 If not, “nature-deficit disorder” might be the diagnosis.

No, The Curmudgeon thinks the diagnosis is one of two things:

First, it might be some poor schmuck in academia trying to justify not going out and getting a real job.

Or second, “nature-deficit disorder” is just “slow news day syndrome.”