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Mini-Rumination: Not Enough “Aye” for Newt

It’s all over now but the shouting for Newt Gingrich.  The only thing keeping him in the race for the Republican presidential nomination is his love of the sound of his own voice.

But all’s not lost for Newt.  After winning the South Carolina and Georgia primaries and strong showings yesterday in Alabama and Mississippi, it seems clear that should the South ever rise again and seek to leave the federal union, Gingrich would be a strong candidate for president of the revived confederacy.

Watch out, Jefferson Davis!

Mini-Rumination: Newt’s Great Ideas

The Curmudgeon keeps hearing about how Newt Gingrich has all these great ideas.

Can someone please share two of them?


Okay, one that doesn’t elicit laughter?

Mini-Rumination: English Only Spoken Here

In the wake of Newt Gingrich’s television ad belittling Mitt Romney for the apparent crime of being able to speak a second language, The Curmudgeon wishes to assure his readers that he speaks English and only English.  He has no talent for foreign language whatsoever.  Four years of Hebrew school and seven years of studying Latin left him unable to express even a single thought in either language, save his ability to sing the first few lines of Virgil’s Aeneid to the tune of an old Jewish folk song and his inexplicable recollection of the single Latin phrase “Carthago delenda est.”  These words means “Carthage must be destroyed” – which it was, which in turn means that the only thing The Curmudgeon can say in Latin is about a country that was wiped off the face of the earth 2000 years ago.

Consequently, visitors to this site can be assured that in reading The Curmudgeon’s words, they are not engaging in any activity that will be viewed as elitist and are not doing anything that will come back to haunt them later in life.

The Four-Eyed Curmudgeon:  a place where you can be proud to be an educated person.

Mini-Rumination: Separated at Birth?

Remember Dr. Evil, the character from the “Austin Powers” movies?

Well, if Dr. Evil had hair, The Curmudgeon thinks he’d look something like this:

Mini-Rumination: Look in the Mirror, Ron Paul

At a debate last week among candidates for the Republican presidential nomination – The Curmudgeon isn’t sure whether it was the 63rd or 64th debate – the Los Angeles Times reported that  Newt Gingrich maintains his record in the private sector did not include lobbying.  But rival Ron Paul charged that he had personally profited from taxpayers’ money in his work for Freddie Mac.”

Mr. Paul’s accusation is serious and credible, but if he insists that personally profiting from taxpayers’ money is a crime, he needs to look in a mirror.

Mr. Paul is a physician, and this means he attended medical school.  The training of every medical school student – even those who pay 100 percent of their own tuition – is subsidized partly by the federal government; that means taxpayers.  An obsetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Paul undoubtedly treated many seniors and was paid for their services by Medicare.  That, too, is profiting from taxpayers’ money.  Dr. Paul also reportedly delivered about 4000 babies before he left medicine to pursue politics; for at least some of those babies he was probably paid by Medicaid, which of course is funded by taxpayers’ money.

Dr. Paul’s observations about Mr. Gingrich are worthy of discussion, but he cloaks them in hypocrisy by acting like it’s a crime to earn a living being paid with taxpayer money.  It isn’t – as The Curmudgeon suspects Dr. Paul observes every time he opens his government paycheck.