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Sore Losers

The Jill Stein people demanding a recount? Sore losers.

The people trying to get electoral college voters in states Donald Trump won not to vote for him when the electoral college does its thing? Sore losers.

Conservatives who expressed outrage over the direction Barack Obama was taking the country and formed the tea party less than 60 days after Obama took the oath of office? Biggest sore losers ever.

Until now.

Until North Carolina.

In a major surprise, a Democrat was elected governor in North Carolina, a state long dominated by Republicans – and Republicans had no intention of accepting the will of the people in turning over leadership of their state to anyone other than a Republican.

As the New York Times reports,

After calling a surprise special session, Republican lawmakers who control the General Assembly introduced measures to end the governor’s control over election boards, to require State Senate approval of the new governor’s cabinet members and to strip his power to appoint University of North Carolina trustees.

Republicans also proposed to substantially cut the number of state employees who serve at the governor’s pleasure, giving Civil Service protections to hundreds of managers in state agencies who have executed the priorities of Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican.

What a way to treat the will of the people – by subverting it.

Talk about sore losers.