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Movie Theater Chain Screws Employees

The war on working people continues.

Fox News reports that the Regal Entertainment Group, which operates more than 500 movie theaters across the country, is cutting work hours for many of its full-time hourly workers to just thirty hours a week so the company can avoid either offering those employees health insurance or paying a federal penalty for failing to do so – one of the requirements of the health care reform law.

Just so you know, Regal is a three billion dollar company:  that’s three billion dollars.Even full-time theater managers have been affected by this new, backwards company policy.  Many have responded by quitting their jobs.

As evil as this makes the folks at Regal, they’re not alone in such shameful behavior.  Last fall The Curmudgeon wrote about similar tactics employed by Darden Restaurants, the people who own Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants.  As if to prove there is indeed a god, Darden’s business has fallen upon hard times since it went public with its plan to abuse its employees in this manner.  Olive Garden in particular is struggling, and nost just because of, you know, the food they serve there.

Regal Theaters:  before you take your next trip to the movies, think about whether this is the kind of company you want to patronize.

Mini-Rumination: Businesses Screwing Low-Wage Employees

The folks at Darden Restaurants, those exemplars of bad taste who’ve inflicted Olive Garden and Red Lobster on us, have announced that they’ll be reducing even more of their workers to part-time status so they can avoid fines associated with the health care reform law’s requirement that we all have health insurance.

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, about seventy-five percent of Darden’s 180,000 employees are already part-timers.  Just so you know, the primary reason companies keep significant numbers of workers at part-time status is so they can avoid paying for any kind of benefits for them.  Health insurance?  No way.  Sick days?  Uh uh.  Paid vacation?  What do you think we’re running here, some kind of a country club?

In addition to bringing us rubbery shrimp and overcooked pasta, the folks at Darden are now showing us that they are applying for early admission into the Snidely Whiplash wing of American companies.  You can practically picture the company’s leaders sitting around their board room, twirling their mustaches and rubbing their hands together in delight over their latest brilliant business move and giving one another an extra pat on the back for their ‘look what we did” public announcement that could only have been made to please Wall Street and drive up the value of the company stock they’ve awarded themselves.

You might want to think about this the next time you want a casual restaurant dinner.