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Surely He Didn’t

But surely, it turns out, he did.

The “he” is Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, and what he did was ask the federal government for disaster aid after…

…it snowed in Pennsylvania…

…in March.

Yes, Governor Wolf, it snowed in March.  You know why?

Because it snows in March.

Happens every year in Pennsylvania.

And it did this March, too, in the northeastern part of the state – a place where, well, it often snows in March.  In fact, there are even ski resorts in this area.  They kinda like snow, want snow, even need snow.

But with a rare show of sound judgment the Trump administration rejected Wolf’s request for federal disaster aid, prompting Wolf to kvetch that

It’s unfortunate that the President didn’t grant our request for a declaration, and the citizens of northeast Pennsylvania will be the ones to suffer the financial impact of this decision.

Is he suggesting that the state and the nine counties for which he sought aid have no snow removal capabilities?  That their budgets don’t include money for snow removal?

Or that to cut corners the state and those counties skimped on snow removal money in their budgets?

Or is it just a matter of Pennsylvania’s governor and the heads of nine counties trying to con the federal government into paying for something that everyone in the state expects to happen many times every year?

Nice try, governor.  Now try growing yourself a pair.

Political Integrity, Part 2

Two weeks ago The Curmudgeon used this space to bemoan the lack of integrity among Republicans in Pennsylvania’s state legislature because they suddenly saw the light about state pension obligations and have boldly declared that they were making a demand of the state’s new Democratic governor: they want pension reform – whatever that means (although we know that for Republicans that means taking promised future benefits away from working people) – or they will not pass a state budget. Curiously, they never made that same demand, with the same penalty for failure, when the occupant of the governor’s mansion was a fellow Republican.

But now The Curmudgeon be moaning about that same Democratic governor, who’s showing that when it comes to demonstrating a lack of political good faith he has no intention of taking a back seat to his Republican colleagues.

Pennsylvania’s new governor, Tom Wolf, took office acting like he was going to be a breath of fresh air: a non-career politician just trying to pitch in and help, a guy who essentially bought his way into office but was going to bring a new and more civil approach to leading a pretty backwards state.

Wolf presented his budget for the next fiscal year to the state legislature in early March. By law, the state needs a new budget by the end of the current fiscal year, which is June 30. In other words, the Democratic governor and the Republican-led legislature have nearly four months to iron out the differences in how they think their state should proceed.

Yet last week Wolf declared that he did not expect a final, approved budget by June 30.

“I’m planning on spending the summer here,” Wolf joked to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It’s not funny. The idea that he and the legislature might not be able to find a way to hammer out a budget in four months is absurd. Even more absurd, though, is his declaration, after only one month of little effort – or, more precisely, no effort at all, since the Republican House majority leader pointed out that he and his colleagues haven’t even held their first meeting yet with the governor to discuss the budget ­– and with nearly three months still remaining, that he doesn’t expect to get the job done.

He needs to try harder. Or maybe just…try. All he’s doing now is playing political games – the same kind of games he and his fellow Democrats – and The Curmudgeon ­– condemn when Republicans are playing them.

Wrong is wrong, regardless of the political party of the wrongdoer.