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What Kind of Person Runs for Lieutenant Governor?

Seriously: what kind of person runs for lieutenant governor?

Pennsylvania will be electing a new governor this fall but first comes a primary election tomorrow in which 12 people – 12 people! – are running for lieutenant governor. Seven of them are Republicans and five are Democrats.

Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor has virtually no formal responsibilities. The current lieutenant governor has behaved so disgracefully that the governor has stripped him of almost all of the even minor responsibilities he originally delegated to him.

The job also isn’t a stepping-stone to the governor’s mansion – at least it’s not in Pennsylvania. Only once in Pennsylvania history since the office was created, in 1873, has a sitting lieutenant governor been elected governor and that was more than 50 years ago.

So what can it be?

How about a salary of $158,000?

A mansion in which to reside, complete with a staff of servants?

And a car and driver?

The field of candidates running for lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania

So what kind of person runs for lieutenant governor?

Clearly, someone who has no ambition and doesn’t want to work but definitely wants to feed at the public trough for four and, ideally, eight years.

Maybe that’s why 12 people are so eager to be Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor. It sure beats working for a living.