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Political Correctness Run Amok

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is a guy who never settles for saying something in ten words if he can figure out a way to say it with twenty, and often, he sounds like he only hears what he says after he’s said it.  He’s a bright guy, a so-so mayor, but a mediocre public speaker.

After the NFL managed to escape Rutherford, New Jersey without a foot of snow falling on its Super Bowl extravaganza, other cold-weather cities began insisting that their town, too, could host a Super Bowl.  After all, if a toilet of a suburb of New York City can host a Super Bowl, why not other cold-weather cities as well?

And Philadelphia is among those other cities.  After remarks that turn the old JFK premise on its head by talking about what the Super Bowl could do for Philadelphia instead of what Philadelphia could do for the Super Bowl, Nutter wound up his pitch with the following:

When it comes to doing big events and rolling out the red carpet, no city does it any better than the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

Sisterly affection?  Really?  Is that where the demand for inclusive speech has brought us?  Or is Nutter promoting the various escort services found in Philadelphia?

Mini-Rumination: No Political Correctness Here

While this is not exactly a new development, The Curmudgeon has just learned that there’s a book called Signing for Dummies.

Seriously:  Signing for Dummies.

Is this what they mean by “irony”?

It’s a good thing the political correctness police have chosen to leave this one alone, wouldn’t you say?  Oh, what’s that?  You say you can’t HEAR ME?