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Once Again, the Pundit is Wrong

The Curmudgeon has a theory about virtually everyone who works on television as a commentator on economic news and investments:  that they’re almost always wrong and, in general, have no idea what they’re talking about and are simply making things up as they go along.

So it’s nice when someone pays attention to their words and then shows exactly how wrong they can be.

In this case, the attention-payer is the Columbia Journalism Review and the inaccurate pundit is CNBC’s Lawrence Kudlow.  The review seems to have a good sense of Kudlow, referring to him as “The just-about-always-wrong CNBC pundit.”


This time it was Kudlow downplaying attempts to raise the minimum wage prior to the November elections.  Kudlow took to Twitter – which, when you think about it, already makes him a bit of a nit-twit – and declared “There is no groundswell for minimum wage hike. It’s SEIU [Service Employees International Union] trying to organize more members and more dues for left-wing causes..”

Uh, that would be wrong, Larry.

Just days before the November elections, a Gallup poll asked people how they would vote if an increase in the minimum wage were on the ballot where they lived.   Seventy-six percent said they’d vote to increase that wage.

In fact, even 58 percent of Republicans – Republicans! – said they’d support an increase in the minimum wage.

That, friends, is a groundswell, and that, friends, makes Kudlow a bit of a fool.

So does The Curmudgeon have anything nice to say about Kudlow?

Uh huh.  Dude wears nice shirts.