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What to Make of Rand Paul

A fall 2014 article in The American Prospect magazine about Rand Paul begins with the following statement:

No one in the political establishment seems to know quite what to make of Rand Paul, the United States senator from Kentucky and son of Ron, the three-time quixotic presidential candidate with a libertarian bent.

paulWell, The Curmudgeon knows exactly what to make of Rand Paul: he’s a smarter, better-looking, more articulate, more polished, more ambitious version of his cranky father, a guy whose views are just as extreme but who dresses them up to make them look prettier and is willing to compromise some of his beliefs on occasion to advance, secondarily, his broader agenda, and primarily, his own personal agenda of winning the presidency.

And if the people in the “political establishment” and the people who write about them don’t understand that, then they’re even dumber than most Americans already think they are.