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Bravo TV’s Introductions From the Trash Heap

Let us say, for the sake of discussion, that you met six women and they were all given seven seconds to introduce themselves to you: not by name but by telling you about their perspective on life.

And considering the vast realm of things they could possibly say, this is what they actually said:

Woman #1:

“The word on the street is that I’m the word on the street.”

Woman #2:

“In Potomac, it’s not about who you know, it’s about who you are – and I’m everything.”

Woman #3:

“I’m a fallen Valley girl. It’s my legacy and my calling.”

Woman #4:

I don’t have a cookie-cutter life and I’m not apologizing for it.

Woman #5:

“If I don’t know who you are then you are not worth knowing.”

Woman #6:

“Throw this spring chicken into the cougar’s den and let the games begin.”

housewivesWell, these aren’t characters from the pen of a creative writer. No, they’re the latest pieces of human waste around which the Bravo network has built its latest offensive offering: Real Housewives of Potomac.

As obnoxious as the “Real Housewives” premise and the women who star in such offerings are, you have to hand it to the folks at Bravo: they have that real trailer park touch, because these folks are straight off the trash heap of life.