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Words of Wisdom

Desperate to put off his major planned chore yesterday – rewiring all of his computer equipment and peripherals (a task that, once he started it, ended up taking a whole twenty minutes to complete, leaving him feeling like a fool for putting this off for weeks) – The Curmudgeon immersed himself in more mundane household tasks and cleaning and, exhausted and just a bit sweaty, sat down for a moment to rest and turned on the television.  His clicker finger stopped on the “E” channel, always a mistake yet sometimes strangely rewarding, and something called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

During his ninety or so seconds there, he observed a conversation between a young woman (in her twenties, probably, although The Curmudgeon is a terrible judge of age) and her mother in which they were talking about the young woman’s boyfriend.  The mother suggested that the young man was still deciding how he felt about the daughter.

The daughter had an interesting perspective on the question of the boyfriend’s interest.

“I wear a double D bra and have a twenty-four inch waist.  What’s for him to think about?”

And that, boys and girls, is why “E” – and rich kids from Beverly Hills – are best avoided.