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Mini-Rumination: That’s Entertainment?

While driving to the beach last weekend, The Curmudgeon nearly veered off the road when he saw a billboard announcing that Rob Kardashian will be appearing at an Atlantic City casino later this month.


To do what?

What “talent” does Rob Kardashian have?  What can he possibly do on a stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people?

Whine about how no one understands him?

Whine about how people make fun of him?

Whine about how the rest of his family seems to get tired of his mooching off them by living in their houses and eating their food while he does nothing to make something of himself?

Whine about how he wants to carve a niche for himself in this world but, well, y’know, that would require actual, y‘know, work, and not working seems to have worked out pretty well for his sisters?

Is this what passes for entertainment these days?