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Nitwit Politicians (Part 6 of 8)

Meet Scott Wagner.  Wagner is a member of the Pennsylvania state senate.  (Actually, you’ve already “met” him; The Curmudgeon wrote about him here and here.)

Recently Wagner was giving a speech at a private event at a country club and noticed someone videotaping his remarks.  He asked the young man to identify himself and the man said he was there on behalf of American Bridge 21st Century, an organization that claims it tapes politicians so it can hold them accountable for living up to their word.  (Not entirely true:  it’s a liberal organization that tapes conservative politicians so it can use their words against them.)

After a brief exchange in which Wagner noted that the young man had not been invited to the event and therefore was trespassing, Wagner, instead of asking his hosts to eject the fellow or calling the police, declared that “You’re about to see your senator in action” and took the camera away from the fellow – by force.  When the fellow continued recording Wagner with his cell phone, Wagner tried to take that away from him, too – again, by force.

See the confrontation here.

And when the camera operator eventually retrieved his camera, it was minus its memory card:  it had been stolen from him.

Wagner sees himself as a Trump-like, tell-it-like-it-is, the-more-obnoxiously-the-better kind of public official, and his willingness to engage in violence is more than a little reminiscent of Agent Orange’s many attempts, while on the campaign trail, to goad his supporters into roughing up his…non-supporters.

Scott Wagner, it should be noted, is running for governor of Pennsylvania.

Congratulations, residents of Pennsylvania!

Scott Wagner is a nitwit.