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Strange Doings in Alabama

The race for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat vacated by current Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions features two candidates: former judge Roy Moore and current senator Luther Strange.

Neither is much of a prize. Moore has twice been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for misconduct in office. The first time was in 2003, when he was suspended when he refused to obey a federal order to remove a ten commandments monument from the state’s judicial building. The second time was just last year after he told state probate judges to defy federal orders governing gay marriage.

A law-abiding citizen he is not.

Luther Strange lives up – or down – to his name. He was the state’s attorney general when he was appointed to fill the vacancy left when Sessions was appointed to become the law enforcement official whose job was to return the country to the 1950s. Not-so-coincidentally, some people believe, Strange ended his investigation of his state’s governor in return for the appointment (that governor has since resigned in disgrace). As Alabama attorney general, Strange sued the Obama administration over its birth control mandate and its transgender bathroom order. Finally, he bears the burden of Agent Orange’s endorsement.

Again, not exactly a pillar of the community.

It’s a real lose-lose for America even if it is only par for the course for Alabama, where the people will make this decision tomorrow.

It’s a close race, Moore appears to be in the lead, but both candidates are pulling out all the stops. To that end, Judge Moore, whose disinterest in truth and law apparently knows no bounds, recently announced a major endorsement: that of conservative leader and anti-ERA advocate Phyllis Schlafly.

That’s a real coup for Moore, with only one slight problem:

Ms. Schlafly, it seems, passed away more than a year ago.