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Surely He Didn’t

But surely, it turns out, he did.

The “he” is Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, and what he did was ask the federal government for disaster aid after…

…it snowed in Pennsylvania…

…in March.

Yes, Governor Wolf, it snowed in March.  You know why?

Because it snows in March.

Happens every year in Pennsylvania.

And it did this March, too, in the northeastern part of the state – a place where, well, it often snows in March.  In fact, there are even ski resorts in this area.  They kinda like snow, want snow, even need snow.

But with a rare show of sound judgment the Trump administration rejected Wolf’s request for federal disaster aid, prompting Wolf to kvetch that

It’s unfortunate that the President didn’t grant our request for a declaration, and the citizens of northeast Pennsylvania will be the ones to suffer the financial impact of this decision.

Is he suggesting that the state and the nine counties for which he sought aid have no snow removal capabilities?  That their budgets don’t include money for snow removal?

Or that to cut corners the state and those counties skimped on snow removal money in their budgets?

Or is it just a matter of Pennsylvania’s governor and the heads of nine counties trying to con the federal government into paying for something that everyone in the state expects to happen many times every year?

Nice try, governor.  Now try growing yourself a pair.