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The Boss Goes All Bee Gees On Us

“When in Rome…” the old saying goes.

And so, apparently, thought Bruce Springsteen when his latest tour brought him to the land down under.

While in Australia, Bruuuuuuuce decided to sing a few songs made famous by native Australians.

The first to come to The Curmudgeon’s attention was the Boss’s version of “Royals,” the brilliant hit by the Australian teenager that, when The Curmudgeon first heard it, so instantly impressed him that he got up from the dinner table – something he rarely does – to go to his iPod to see whose song it was.  You can hear Bruce’s version of “Royals” here.

And just this week The Curmudgeon read that while on that same tour, Springsteen bizarrely chose to perform a song by native Australians even older than he is:  the Bee Gees’ “Stayin ‘ Alive.”  You can hear his rendition here.

When Bruce Springsteen sings “Royals,” it’s a curiosity.  When he performs a Bee Gees disco song, you realize that these are very strange times in which we live.

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