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Texas: Once More, With Feeling

They must think The Curmudgeon is one scary dude in parts of Texas, where the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ, located outside Dallas, set out last summer to warn its congregants and community about the dangerous people all around them.

The Associated Press explains:

A Dallas-area church recently distributed flyers advertising a series of weekly seminars it plans to host condemning “dangerous isms” like Judaism, Islamism and liberalism.

 Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson says in the flyers that the Wednesday seminars, being held through August, will “provide a proper response for the Christian.”

From the actual flyer for the program

Hey, The Curmudgeon is a two-fer: Jewish and liberal.  That must be pretty rare in the Dallas area.

And there’s more:

The flyers prompted a social media backlash but Gibbs [note: pulpit minister Shelton Gibbs III] said the predominantly African-American church doesn’t mean to condemn others.

 “We’re not here to criticize or be antagonistic toward people and to beat them down,” he told the newspaper. “There’s no threat. The people in the community should not feel a threat.”

Wait:  they’re calling Jews, liberals, and others “dangerous” but it’s neither a warning nor a criticism?

And those of us on the hate list shouldn’t feel at all threatened to be singled out for this warning?

Could’ve fooled The Curmudgeon – and anyone else with half a brain who received the flyer.

The Associated Press also tells us that

Atheism, alcoholism and “emotionalism” are some of the other seminar topics. Gibbs  said topics such as racism or sexism won’t be discussed because “there are only so many Wednesdays in a summer.”

Well, there’ll certainly be plenty of time for some serious race-baiting and women-hating next summer!