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The Lone Fool State

Oh, those Texans.

They hate government, especially the federal government. They want it underfunded, out of their state, out of their communities, out of their pocketbooks, and out of their lives.

Until, that is, they want something from that same government.

Take Texas senator John Cornyn and representative Michael McCaul. (Please!) They’re a couple of conservative, gun-totin’, god-fearin’, lib’ral bashin’, gov’mint-hatin’ Republicans who want to kill off the federal government and probably wouldn’t object to Texas breaking off from the U.S. and forming its own country. (The Curmudgeon has written in the past about what kind of country Texas might be on its own.)

But now, these sushi-despisin’, boot-wearin’, Democrat-malignin’ Texans want something of the federal government: they want the airports in Dallas and Houston to be added to the five U.S. airports at which special measures will be taken to screen arriving travelers for Ebola.

Texas_LoneBrainCell-2So these fine public servants want government out of their lives and out of the lives of their constituents – until, that is, they find that they want something from government.

And then they make their demands without a hint of shame.

But that’s Texas for you: the Lone Fool State.