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Today’s Republican Party (Part 3)

We continue “Let’s Pick on Republicans Week” by combining two of The Curmudgeon’s favorite things:  Republicans and Texas.  Of course, he’s got Republicans on his mind this week, and he’s certainly had a lot to say about Texas in the past.

You know Texans, of course.  They’re the real Americans.

If you don’t believe that, just ask them.

Texans, as you know, don’t like no damn guv’mint.  They want to be free to roam the range in their gas-guzzling pick-ups with gun racks, ready to level their sights on any critters they see wandering innocently along the side of the road, purely for sport and for the thrill of the kill, and they don’t want no guv’mint telling them what they can and cain’t do.  They’ll do whatever they damn well please because, after all, this is ‘Merica and real ‘Mercans can do whatever they damn well please.  True, they can be a little hypocritical about their independence from the federal guv’mint at times – for example, The Curmudgeon has pointed out in the past that as states go, Texas gets more from the federal guv’mint than most.

But not freedom-loving individual Texans themselves, right?  Maybe they cain’t tell their state guv’mint what to do but they can damn well make sure they don’t feed off the federal teat like all those lib’ral sissies in New England and California, right?

Well, not so fast.

We’re just starting to see the first solid numbers on how many people signed up for health insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act – or “Obamacare,” as Republicans like to refer to it in as derogatory a tone as possible.  The Curmudgeon suspects those Republicans will come to regret that as the millions of people who’ve secured health insurance through the health care reform law begin to view “Obamacare” as synonymous with “saved my life” and think of it the way people from past generations thought of the GI bill, Social Security, and Medicare.

But we could certainly count on all those Republican Texans to tell those socialist Obamacare people what to do with their highfalutin, sissy health insurance, right?


Wrong, actually.

It turns out that when it comes to getting health insurance, and especially health insurance subsidized by the guv’mint, those Republican Texans were pretty willing to put aside their disdain for the federal guv’mint – and their principles, too.

Consider this:

734,000 Texans bought insurance through the federal health care marketplace between October 1 and April 19.

That’s three quarters of a million people.

And of that 734,000, an amazing 84 percent received federal financial assistance with their new insurance premiums.

That’s right:  all those freedom-loving Republican Texans who hate the federal guv’mint and hate the people who get help from the federal guv’mint, when given the opportunity themselves, jumped at the chance to take a handout from the federal guv’mint so that other taxpayers would foot part of the bill for their health insurance.

Texas Republicans:  you’ve gotta love the hypocrisy.

Today’s Republican Party (Part 2)

The editorial cartoon below, which The Curmudgeon saw recently in the Harrisburg Patriot-News, takes an interesting look at what’s become of today’s Republican Party.



Today’s Republican Party (Part 1)

The following is a terrific clip from the HBO series The Newsroom in which a character who identifies himself as a traditional Republican laments what his party has become.  See it here.

(Part 2 tomorrow)