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Carrot and Pea Vegetable Patties?

The Curmudgeon likes Trader Joe’s as much as the next guy – well, maybe not as much, but he does like it – but he has to roll his eyes over some of the products the company sells. The latest Trader Joe’s advertising circular just hit his mailbox and features, among many other products, the following items:

  • trader-joe

    Photo courtesy of the  BecomeBetty blog. Try it, you’ll like it.

    tricolor quinoa

  • Kung Pao tempura cauliflower
  • smoked pepper mackerel
  • red lentil sedanini
  • tomato feta soup
  • virgin coconut milk
  • ginger turmeric herbal tea
  • harissa salsa
  • riced broccoli
  • raisin rosemary crisps
  • art cherry, chia and pumpkin seed oatmeal

Seriously: tart cherry, chia and pumpkin seed oatmeal?