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“Lock Them Up”: Starting to Look Like More Than Just Words

On the campaign trail Donald Trump famously led his supporters in chants of “Lock her up” – his exhortation that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for, well, for daring to run for office against Donald Trump.

During the primary campaign he briefly called for the jailing of John Kasich and Ted Cruz for – and this is rich – colluding to deprive him of the Republican nomination.

During the campaign he suggested that people who disrupted his rallies should be thrown in jail.  Why?  Because they disrupted his rallies.

He suggested that people who burned an American flag during one of his rallies be thrown in jail – even though they broke no law.

Shortly after he was elected he said he wanted Barack Obama investigated for bugging Trump Tower  even though there is not a shred of evidence that either Barack Obama – working solo, perhaps, presumably after slipping, cat-like, through his Secret Service protection – or anyone working at Obama’s behest bugged Trump Tower.

He wants former FBI director James Comey jailed for disclosing classified information – even though Comey has disclosed no classified information.

He wants reporters who receive leaked information and write about that information to be thrown into jail until they reveal their sources because… well, because he hires the kind of people who leak and can’t do anything about it himself.

When some college basketball players were imprisoned in China – justifiably – for shoplifting and Trump intervened to secure their release, the president turned around and declared that he “should have left them in jail”:  not because they shoplifted but because they did not show sufficient gratitude to him for his efforts on their behalf.

The future Generalissimo Donald Trump?

Now, he wants Omarosa arrested.  Why?  No particular reason. Just because.

See the trend here?  Trump wants to prosecute and jail anyone who speaks out against him or opposes him or anyone he feels poses a political threat to governing how he wants to govern. Right and wrong don’t matter, human decency doesn’t matter, law doesn’t matter.

Just like any garden variety autocrat or dictator might do.