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If you tune into the Republican presidential debate tonight, the proceedings will be one candidate short of the planned complement.

That’s because The Donald won’t be there.

As of this morning, when The Curmudgeon posted this piece, Donald Trump has decided to boycott the debate, to be broadcast on Fox News, because he believes the debate moderator, Megyn Kelly, is biased against him.

Boo hoo, Donnie.

trump- newSuddenly The Donald is afraid of a few tough questions.

If he can be scared off that easily, how is he going to react when Vladimir Putin gets in his face and says “nyet” to something President Trump wants from him?

How is President Trump going to respond when an ISIS terrorist slips through the cracks – something you know is inevitable at some point – and kills Americans at home or abroad?

How is President Trump going to react when the Secret Service uncovers a credible threat to his life?

Or when Congress overrides his veto of a bill?

Or when the polls say his popularity is slipping?

Republican candidates have been getting on the stage with this demagogue for months now, often with poll ratings in single digits, knowing he’s going to belittle them or overshadow them because they understand that you do that kind of thing when you’re asking your countrymen to elect you president.

You don’t run away.

Not from an enemy. Not from an opponent. And certainly not from a reporter whose only weapon is a question.

Something we’ve all probably seen at one time or another is a local election in which one candidate wants to debate but his or her opponent doesn’t, so the one who wants to debate announces an arbitrary time and place for a debate, shows up, and stands across from someone wearing a chicken suit.

“Chicken” as in afraid to debate.

It won’t happen, because it’s too outrageous even for Fox News, but wouldn’t it be great if Fox News would put a guy in a chicken suit at the center podium for the entire debate?

We’ve been waiting a while now for The Donald to show his true colors.

Who knew it would be yellow?