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The President on “Fox and Friends”

Did you catch the president’s 30-minute call-in to Fox & Friends on Thursday morning? And if you did, did that not sound like a man becoming unhinged?

They were clearly mortified by the stuff coming out of the president’s mouth.

On Thursday evening The Curmudgeon saw a few tv blowhards on the left criticizing the Fox & Friends hosts for failing to press the president on some of his statements, but if you see the interview, he thinks those complaints miss the point: the hosts asked questions, they clearly were uncomfortable with the direction the president was taking the conversation, but overall they did a great job of leaving the president alone and giving him enough rope to hang himself – which he did with great gusto.

And what’s even scarier: the president and his people were so thrilled with his performance that about 24 hours after it ended White House advisor Kellyanne Conway revealed that Trump would like to return to the program monthly – and possibly even more often, as news breaks.

Talk about must-see TV!

If you haven’t seen the “interview” and have the time – it’s nearly a half-hour – you can view it here.