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Mini-Rumination: Poker on TV

Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall at the ESPN executive meeting during which they first discussed broadcasting poker tournaments?

Why don’t we broadcast a poker tournament?

Seriously, should we look for some more college basketball?  Or maybe another show that’s all about our on-air anchors and not about the sports they’re supposed to be covering?

I mean it.  Let’s show a poker tournament.

What’ve you been smoking?

I’m not kidding.  We’re ESPN.  We got people to watch women’s figure contests, we got people to watch the X games, we even got people to watch a spelling bee.  Poker’s not that much of a stretch.

You seriously think people will actually watch other people playing cards?

Sure.  They’ll watch anything.

But it’s not sports.  We’re a sports network.

We’re the sports leaders.  If we cover it, by definition it’s sports.

You mean like the spelling bee?


Coming soon, to an ESPN broadcast near you:   the international dominoes championship.  Or maybe full-contact tiddly-winks.  Um, the Yahtzee Classic?