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The Vaccine Nuts Strike Again

Everyone with half a brain knows that vaccines are a good idea.

No, a great idea.

Alas, there are a lot more people out there than you might think who have less than half a brain.

And a bunch of them apparently live in Arizona.

Vaccines – good. No vaccines – bad. Any questions?

So when the state launched a campaign that never should have been needed to educate people about the importance of getting their kids vaccinated, the half-brains came crawling out of the woodwork to protest.

Arizona grants parents exemptions from having their children vaccinated, so the education program the state launched was an attempt to teach the skeptical about the value of vaccines.  The education program was strictly optional; no one was required to take it – not even those seeking the exemptions.

But information apparently scares a lot of people, so when 120 people (out of the seven million who live in the state) protested the program, what did public officials do?  They folded like a cheap tent.  The program was over – disbanded, kaput.  Bureaucrats, elected officials, and public health officials all abdicated their responsibility because of a few wackadoodles and made a bad decision that will do nothing more than perpetuate ignorance.  And maybe contribute to the spread of diseases that we mostly eradicated a long time ago.  They should be ashamed of themselves.





Persistent Loons: The Anti-Vaccine People

Vaccines are good.  Not getting vaccines?  Bad.

Very bad.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming.  There’s not a shred of evidence, not even a scintilla (The Curmudgeon assumes a scintilla is smaller than a shred), that vaccines cause any harm – unless by “harm” you mean an absence of disease that harms the financial performance of the greedy health care industry.

Yet there persists in this country a lunatic fringe that associates vaccinations with all sorts of bad things, most notably autism.

And the lack of evidence of such a link does nothing to deter them.

Nor does the undeniable proof that vaccines are good for all of us.  (Full disclosure:  The Curmudgeon got a shingles vaccine about a year ago.  While you’re not necessarily encouraged to get one until you’re sixty years old, which The Curmudgeon most decidedly is not (at least not until later this year), his brother and two cousins have come down with shingles in recent years, none of them were anywhere near sixty at the time, and that was, in The Curmudgeon’s view, reason enough to get to the doctor for his shot.)

The Curmudgeon has written about vaccines before, including here and here, and he suspects he will again because this nonsense – and the people behind it – is just too good to ignore.

A lot of people have called public attention to this problem, most notably Jimmy Kimmel (well worth the five-minute video), and the latest is John Oliver, the Jon Stewart protégé who now has his own show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, on one of those cable networks for which you have to pay (which is why it gets no free plug from this blogger).  Oliver took on the anti-vaccine nuts last Sunday and was both entertaining and informative, and The Curmudgeon encourages you to give it a watch.  Find it here.