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The Thrill of Going to the Polls

This is the 42nd year The Curmudgeon has been eligible to vote.  In all those years he has missed one primary election, and just one, and in that one election he missed no nominations were being contested.  Even so, he still feels guilty about it.  When he lived in Marlton, New Jersey he sometimes voted in three, four, and one time he thinks even five elections in a single year; government isn’t terribly efficient in Marlton.

Despite this, he still feels a little thrill every time he enters a polling place and pulls the curtain closed behind him.

The Curmudgeon recognizes that there’s a growing trend toward letting people vote early and by mail, and he understands that.  When his father was in his mid-70s and having trouble getting around he started voting by mail.  Mrs. Curmudgeon votes by mail.  Millions of others now vote by mail as well.

But not The Curmudgeon.  Tomorrow he’s going to walk to the polling place, be uncharacteristically uncurmudgeonly to the kind, elderly people who staff the registration book and the machines, and experience that great feeling again when he closes the curtain behind him and makes his choices official.

Forty-two years but it never gets old.  The thrill remains.