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A Real Contradiction

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s state legislature are aggressively advocating adoption of a law that would ban abortions based solely on tests that show that the baby will be born with Down syndrome.

The Curmudgeon doesn’t agree with that proposal, but he understands it.


The same Republicans who believe that life is sacred and that all children, regardless of the challenges they might face, should be given the right to live once conceived have repeatedly refused to fund state Medicaid services for people with intellectual disabilities – intellectual disabilities like Down syndrome.  Today, more than 13,000 Pennsylvanians with intellectual disabilities are on a waiting list for these services:  there’s no question that they qualify for them but the state, led by Republicans in the legislature, refuses to pay for them.

And another 3000 people on the autism spectrum are on a similar waiting list even though they, too, qualify for these services.

And all of these people are on waiting lists in Pennsylvania even though federal law gives states no leeway about providing services to individuals who qualify for them:  if they qualify, according to federal law, the state must provide the services.

But Pennsylvania doesn’t.

Because the same people who are so adamant that fetuses not be aborted just because the child will have Down syndrome want nothing to do with those fetuses once they are born.

But the people behind this continue to claim that they respect the sanctity of life.