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Get a Life, People

A company called Wawa operates 800 convenience stores in several east coast states, running from Pennsylvania down to Virginia as well as in Florida.  This past week the company opened what it is calling its largest store yet, located near Independence Hall, in Philadelphia. (Because nothing says “historical site” better than a store that sells sodas, cigarettes, and sandwiches?)

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the store opening under a headline that read

New Wawa, the biggest yet, opens to cheers in Philadelphia’s Center City

And just to make sure you didn’t think they were exaggerating, the Inquirer reported that

The opening of Wawa’s new flagship store in Center City Philadelphia Friday was peak Philly, with a parade of mascots, a declaration by Thomas Jefferson, and hundreds of excited Wawa fans who began lining up at the store more than two hours before the doors opened.

Seriously: people who lined up more than two hours before the store opened so they could be among the first to enter what is essentially a 7-Eleven on steroids really, really, REALLY need to get a life.