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“A Shameful Display of Political and Civic Cowardice”

Those were the words chosen by NRA mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre to describe companies that have chosen in recent days to sever their relationship with the NRA in the wake of that organization’s resolute, absolute, unwavering refusal even to consider cooperating with the development of a new process for verifying the suitability of individuals who want to purchase automatic weapons.

The list of such companies is growing: Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Hertz, First National Bank of Omaha (which issues a special NRA Visa card), Avis, Met Life, Symantec, Chubb, Alamo car rental, National car rental, Wyndham hotels, and Best Western hotels along with others The Curmudgeon probably missed and still others that may reach similar decisions in the coming days.

But “political and civic cowardice”? When you think about it, hasn’t instilling “political and civic cowardice” been the absolute key to the NRA’s own success over the years?

Hasn’t the NRA thrived by raising vast amounts of money with which to make political contributions and mobilize its membership on behalf of favored candidates and then coercing those officials into supporting the NRA’s positions even though the vast majority of those politicians’ constituents oppose the very positions the NRA espouses?
So then isn’t elected officials’ refusal to act on their constituents’ strong beliefs because the NRA is paying them not to do so the very personification of “political and civic cowardice”?

Congratulations, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA: you’re now on the receiving end of one of the very tactics you’ve employed so successfully so often for so many years to subvert the will of the American people.

May payback be a long, painful, debilitating, ever-lovin’ bitch.